While i\'m installing windows 7 it restarts and shows the error that the system

I try to install win7 OS but not even a single time it has been successful.....I think that I'm making mistake while choosing (x64) or (x84).. But here the fault is it starts to install at the final step the computer will restart then it show a recovery screen that windows has been recovered from unexpected shutdown......then I'll select start windows normally.....then it will enter into installation screen and shows me the error message that installation is failed due to unexpected shut down.install windows again.....this happens again and again.....what would be the problem? do i have problem in my RAM or mother board? or wrong installation??? please help me...........I'm dying.................
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  1. Are you using an original installation disc or one that you downloaded and burned?
  2. i would first check that your comp isnt over heating and shutting down, second some hardware diags using memtest 86 on your ram would not be a bad place to start. let it pass 3 or 4 times and you know its stable. you could have bad install media as well, you can try grabbing another disk from a friend or downloading an oem iso online to test that out. having a bad sector on the HD can cause this as well, untill its remaped the install will hang when it hits it.
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