Acer aspire as5749 wifi has very little range.

Brand new acer laptop has only about 8 ft range. There are no obstructions. At&t modem works fine on other peoples laptops. Anybody have any ideas.
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  1. I would say the wireless adapter is bad or the internal antenna is not properly connected.
  2. I am having the same problem... ive had this problem since i opened the box... when i am next to the router its fine but as i walk off with the laptop it goes to limited access and bam it dont want to work.. but still have decent range/reception
  3. If your machine says it still has strong signal but it cannot be used at distance then you more than likely have interference from another device on the same channel. You can only try the standard change the channel and see if it helps. Some nic cards can report both signal strength and signal quality. The signal quality show how many errors you are getting mainly due to interference.
  4. [SOLEVED] Hello guys. i have found the problem and the solution. open up your laptop. look for the wifi card. (should have at least 1 cable running to it and says intel on molst models) if there is 1 cable and it is connected to aux connect it to main instead. the wifi card should be near the mic and headphone jacks from memory
  5. i have got the same problem because once my laptop fell down by mistake but i dont know how to open this laptop (acer aspire 5749) and check for the wifi card. i could not fine any video tutoril on internet. there are tutorials for other models but they have different structure. anyone help me plz....
  6. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If you Google for your laptop's make and model followed by "service manual" you will find links to sites where you can download or just read the manual. That will point to the way of finding the wireless chip and it may be as simple as opening a hatch on the base of the laptop and seeing the chip beneath that hatch. If that doesn't help, please start a new thread of your own because this old one is closing.
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