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Hello! I support a client/server network of about 51 workstations with an AS400 server, an Internet connection with a Motorola modem supplied by Sudden Link for Internet Access connected to the server, and one WIFI Linksys router. We have a multitude of buildings located within a 4 block radius with all workstations connected through fiber optic lines, switches, and ethernet cables. I would like to set up another WIFI router in a building about two blocks over from the server room in our main building. I have attempted to set this router up on a single workstation in the building and as long as I allow the DHCP connection from the router to set the IP address, it works. But when I attempt to configure the router to a static IP it will no longer connect to the Internet. All workstations have to be set to static IP issued by the Server in order to maintain server connectivity. So I cannot leave the connection configurations set to the DHCP. I must be able to disable the DHCP and set the router and workstation to a static IP in order to achieve optimal security and connection. Can someone please advise me on how to configure the router IP? The Sudden Link ISP modem is also set to a static IP with a very small range. PLEASE HELP!! Oh yes, we have been able to successfully configure other WIFI routers in other buildings adjacent to this one. Thanks you for any advise.
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