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I am not sure where to put this. I'm guessing here since it's the only place that makes sense(somewhat) to me.

I am having an issue where I click in say a text box on a forum(happened here as i was trying to type this post). The little ' | ' line shows up and starts blinking as it usually does. But randomly, with out me clicking the mouse, or doing anything but typing, it goes away and the text box is no longer selected. I have to re-click on the text box in order to finish typing. When it does this, I get an error sound each time I press a key.

I suspect that it is this issue that is causing me to go to the desktop when I am playing a game in full screen.
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  1. That kind of sounds like a CTRL key may be stuck.
    Have you tried using another keyboard?
    Another thing you can try is, when that happens, hold down the CTRL key and then press left click on your mouse simultaneously.
  2. I tried something a friend suggested, which was adjusting the blink rate on the cursor and that seems to have helped. If it pops up again I'll check on your suggestions.
  3. I don't see how blink rate could possibly be related. The cursor blinking has nothing to do with gaining or losing focus, it's just a visual indicator of what has focus.
  4. I dropped tea on the corner of my keyboard and it struck strictly my control key. I experience this issue all the time on Facebook.

    Easiest way to find out the problem: try another keyboard. If the issue persists, then it's a software issue. If not, keyboard issue.
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