Can i use 2 os win 7 and xp on my laptop

i purchased a new laptop which has genuine windows 7, but my problem is, i'm doing a project which can only run in win xp. i don't want to remove win 7 because i'll be using xp for only few months, but want to install xp, how can i use both Operating systems in my laptop.
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  1. Google "Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows XP."

    Have you tried Windows Compatibity Mode? Right click on the *.exe file, choose Properties, and choose the Compatibity tab. Check the "Run this program..." box, and try it.

    Or have you tried Windows XP mode? You can dowload it and install it as a "Virtual Machine" if your system supports it, and you have Windows 7 Professional or above.

    Now that doesn't work for me, and I had a program that wouldn't run in Windows 7, Compatibity mode, or Windows XP mode either. I dumped it.
  2. You can install XP within win 7...depending on what devices you need access to, it might suit your needs.

    Check out :

    Edit: Foscooter beat me to it :)
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