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WMP54GS\WMP54G signal problems

September 13, 2012 8:06:35 AM

Hi. I got a brand new WMP54GS a couple of months ago and replaced my old WMP54G with the ralink chipset and now is a broadcom chipset on the GS. The new WMP54GS is plug and play and works out of the box and the old card didn't. I like the new card but it's like I always get random signal strength, it always changed from low to high and I think I even tried the WMP54G and it was the same signal. The WMP54G works out of the box on ubuntu but the WMP54GS has a 'firmware missing problem. I put a 16db antenna on the router and it always stays the same. The netbook only gets 4 bars rarely at times but the other laptop with a realtek wireless gets full most of the time. I'm using a WRT54G router and i'm thinking of trying my old WMP54G ralink card again to see if it's the new one for sure. What could be going wrong to cause such low signals??