Cox cable Home router won\'t allow me to connect to office VPN wirele..

I am trying to setup a vpn through cox home cable. There are two locations, one has cox business cable and the other has cox home cable. Does anyone know if there is a way to get around the restrictions of cox home cable without switching to cox business for large monthly fee per location?
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  1. If Cox is blocking VPN on your residential service (call them to verify) then an upgrade is going to be required, you don't "get around the restrictions". If they're not blocking then you first need to make sure that you are using the correct VPN client and that configurations on both ends match.

    I do know that in my area Cox does not block VPN outbound but does block it inbound on residential service.
  2. I have called them and the gave me some BS that they block it to protect me from anybody trying to come into my network. I know they are holding out on me just to make an extra dollar which is fine but I'm trying to keep my dollar.
  3. In that case your decision is made. If you want to use VPN to the office you must upgrade your home service, no alternative. You won't get any assistance in these forums with skirting Cox's restrictions.
  4. ok settle down Tonto!! I'm looking for help if you can't help then don't reply.
  5. You asked for assistance in circumventing your ISP's restrictions on VPN. Such requests are forbidden in these forums (read the rules) and you'll receive no assistance in that direction.

    Your 2 choices are very clear:

    1. Continue to use your existing residential service and simply accept the VPN restrictions.
    2. Upgrade to business class service and VPN all you want.

    That's all there is Kimosabe.
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