Wireless USB adapter problems

Hello everybody. From the day i first got my computer I also bought a wireless USB adapter. I have been using a NETGEAR N150 WNA1100. For a long time everything has been working fine. Internet browsing, YouTube, Gaming, etc... and not until recently when i have upgraded my internet to a higher mbps it has been having some problems. Not when downloading or going on YouTube but when i would Skype. My internet would go out and the only way to connect it back i would have to disconnect then go back and reconnect. I know it is just me because my brother doesn't have the problem.
So i felt that getting a more powerful adapter might help. So i got the Linksys AE300 w/ 3x3 antenna. Strangely enough i get more drops and worse connect problems. My downloading has decreased from (steam game downloads) from a hard 830 KB/S to a rang of 90-400 KB/S sometimes higher and sometimes lower. I am thinking of taking the new adapter back. Any input would help.
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  1. see if disabling IP6 in the network card properties makes a difference
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