Adding a second Wifi router to Verizon Fios MI424WR

Hi Everyone,

I have a MI424WR for my Verizon Fios connection. The router is located downstairs, and I don't get Wifi in my bedroom upstairs. Is it possible to connect another WIFI router by ethernet to the MI424WR? Is there anyway where I can do it without the two router's wifi signals fighting each other? Is there a specific kind of router I should be looking for?

I'm pretty newb to networking, so please share as much information as you can. Thanks.
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  1. Yes just set the second router to run as a AP. You want to run on a different radio channel and even a different SSID if you want.

    Most newer routers have running as a AP as a feature. You can buy a real AP but they tend to cost more since they are designed to run PoE. But you can make almost any router be a AP by connecting the cable to the lan port and disabling DHCP on the second router.
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