I have a Planet GSW-2401, 24 port Ethernet switch hooked up to an Dlink DES-1024D switch(In the server room).. I'm still learning about networks :sol: and I would like to know how do I find out what computer is connected to which switch and what the port number would be :heink: .. In the end I will have to name each LAN cable with a sticker and say what computer is connected there..???? There is a guy that is supposed to show me how to do it but he is so lazy he never comes by :fou:
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More about switch port naming please help
  1. Have you looked into any network mapping software. Google for some. Here is one to get you started.

  2. Can't be done with your equipment. All your switches are unmanged which means you cannot log into them or access them via network.
  3. You mentioned your switch make/models, but do you have a patch panel?

    If yes, label each patch panel port: (D01, D02, D03, etc) "D=Data

    then on your wallplate (or network cable end) label it the same number (D01 patch panel port = D01 wallplate or cable end)

    Does this help?

    You can do "non-like" naming schemes if you switch cables and ports.
    patch panel port: P01, P02, P03, etc
    wallplate or cable end: D01, D02, D03, etc

    You can create a spreadsheet to show your port mapping and more details like PC and user names. This might be a good solution for a smaller network group.
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