THG Review is Bull! Epson 900 960 CDR printers

From THG's latest review of Ebson CDR Printers, "When bubbles form under labels the bubbles can affect the balance of the CDR, which means that the CDR does not spin in a balanced manner in the drive. This can lead to read errors, and in rare cases, cause a CDR to shatter within the drive itself."

Come on - get real - How much weight does all that air under the bubble add to one side of the disk???

Maybe you should look under those bubbles and maybe you might find a penny or something.

And you report in extreme cases, the CDR might shatter. What are you smoking? If it is that out of balance, then it the CD might come off the center mount and jam - but shatter - no way - I'd have to see that.

If the disk is that far off balance, then it came that way from the factory.

This is not a typical THG review - stick to facts and stop with the ridiculous commentary.

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  1. Shattering CDs due to imbalance and vibrations at high speed is a <b>fact</b>. No ridicolous commentary there. There have been numerous reports on this. Some manufacturers has even hardened the drive bay door to protect the user from high speed plastic projectiles in the case the CD shatters.
    Perhaps you should research a bit before discrediting THG.

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  2. I have looked into the shattering CDs and noted that according to Rober Resovich, Application Engineering Manager at Plextor, where he reports that disks must suffer from a serious defect to shatter.

    He also reports that imperfect balance from off-centered or wrinkled labels may cause shattering too.

    So, I'll concede that it is possible under certain conditions for CDs to shatter, but it is very rare, in the order of .01 to .02 percent. I'll also concede that printing directly to the CD will eliminate problems with labels. But an air bubble causing it to shatter, I doubt it - but would not hesitate to poke it carefully with a needle if it bothered me. I'm pretty sure I could keep from poking all the way through the lable side of the disk and into the data layer on the opposite side.
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