Home network help please - will an access point do the trick?

I am trying to better the wireless signal in my house as well as created a wired connection for my xbox. Currently, my wireless router and modem (Belkin F5D9231 and Ambit V10C018.90) are in my home office (prefer to keep them there since my desktop is located there and uses a wired connection to my router, I do some administrative work and design review for construction so I download large amounts of data daily in the form of 3d building models) My xbox is located upstairs, on the opposite end of the house, also any wireless device will not receive full signal strength on that side of the house. I have a Netgear WGR614 router that I would like to use to try to remedy this.

I would like to somehow set up the netgear router (as an access point I think??) in the room with the xbox so that I can connect to xbox live and share media from my laptop to the xbox. I am hoping that my laptop could also be connected to the access point as well to recieve a better signal? I was previously using my laptop as a network bridge to my xbox but I do not like having to run my computer in order to play games on XBL.

I am not a computer engineer but, I do grasp majority of this technical stuff fairly well, any help would be awesome.

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  1. which revision WGR614 do you have?

    check on the back label. does it say v8?
  2. no it's a v5, were you thinking the DD-WRT route?
  3. Your problem is you do not have enough signal so even if you could run this device in client/bridge mode it would have the same trouble receiving the signal you PC does.
    When it runs in client mode your PC cannot connect to it.

    There are repeater type devices that would do this function but they will all suffer from the lack of signal. In theory you could place a repeater half way between the router and your PC. Very mixed results how effective these devices are and it does not solve your xbox connection issue.

    I would either run a ethernet cable or try the power line network devices. You could then place your router using it as a AP behind the power line device. These tend to work most the time but there are some houses that have issues.
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