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32 bit system has photosmart 7760 usb attached. 64 bit win 7 will network to 32 bit system and see printer but when you try to add, it looks for drivers and goes to windows update and looks but can not find because hp does not offer a win 7 driver for this . it states driver is part of os system comes back states not able to find driver
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  1. You're going to have to connect the printer to the 64bit PC via usb and allow the driver to install via Windows update. After it has installed you can put it back and connect over net. I know it bites, but what can you do?
  2. 64 bit OS's use 64 bit drivers. If you double clicked the printer to get it to install in Win 7, then it tried to copy the drivers from the other computer, which in this case is using 32 bit drivers that won't work in win 7 x64. Therefore, it looked in windows updates for drivers.

    The printer is listed as compatible, so you should be able to get 64 bit drivers from HP's web site.
  3. Hi,

    You can find a 64-bit driver for the PhotoSmart 7760 on the Windows Update Catalog. Go to and search for the printer. It'll list a bunch of drivers; the last one in the list, "Hewlett-Packard - Printers - HP Photosmart 7760 series" with classification "Drivers (Printers)", dated 8/22/2006, size 21.3MB is the one you will need.

    You should be able to download and install this on your x64 machine then hopefully it will be able to find the driver when you try to connect to the printer over the network.

    Hope this helps,
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