A Weird Problem in my laptop

Okay, I reinstalled my windows a few days ago but this is the constant problem i get,
After some time of using the laptop, it could be 10, 20 or 30 mins.
The Internet Automatically on my laptop stops working, And Then when i go to shut down....It just gets stuck on the "Shutting Down" Page....So I Have To Shut It Down Manually From The Button....This Always happens when i use the laptop.
What Could It Be?
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  1. Hi :)

    Specs ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Intel Core i3 M350
    4 GB ram
    Windows 7 64 bit home premium
    ATI mobility radeon HD 5400 series
    Its A Dell N5010

    I dont know where i can find more detailed specs :S
  3. I have a couple random suggestions. I've known someone who had an issue with MS Communicator where their computer would take ages to shutdown unless they logged out of Communicator first. Any chance that's what's causing your slow shutdown?

    On a related note, these issues are often caused when your wireless connection is turned off incorrectly. Are you using wireless internet? If so, you might want to check your BIOS to see if your computer has an option to disable wireless when a wired connection is present. Try disabling that, if it's available.
  4. The slow shutdown in conmected with the problem with the internet because when i shut down the laptop when my internet works my computer shut downs quick and properly, but when i try to restart or shut down the laptop after my internet stops working it never shuts down on its own
    Ill check my bios, right now i am reinstalling it again :(
  5. also look under the wireless device..there a setting there to let windows power it down. if you turn that power saving feature off it should help.
  6. Hey, I reinstalled my windows but still the problem is there :(
    I Cant Find That Option In BIOS,
    And Smorizio I cant find your option under wireless device also :(
  7. Yeah, I wasn't sure the option would be available in BIOS. Sometimes it's there.

    Anyway, for that windows option, try going to the Device Manager, then find your Wireless Device under "Network adapters". It may say something like "Intel Centrino". Then look under its properties and the "Power Management" tab. There should be a checkbox saying "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". Try unchecking it.

    No guarantees. Good luck.

    By the way, I do agree that the shutdown and the internet are related. Some program running on your machine doesn't want to quit until it does something on the internet. You could try closing programs under the task manager to try to figure out which one it is.
  8. Okay, I did uncheck that option but it didnt help :(
    Also What I have noticed is that when it happens, I cannot access the control panel and the networks window :|
    Okay Ill Try That.
    Is it something related to the drivers?
  9. Your issues will not likely be found in the BIOS but within Windows itself.

    1. What processes are observed running when you get this system freeze. Open Task manager before powering down when the internet stops working and look for things that weren't there when "all was right with the world".

    2. Look at Event Viewer for any error or warning messages

    3. Check and see if the problem persists when you a connected with an ethernet cable (Turn WiFi off by right clicking icon in system tray).

    4. Run services.msc and see that all your networking related services are running. For example..... when using wireless networking on my lappie I need to have three Intel ProSet Wireless services running. One of them on occasion mysteriously shuts itself down - "Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Service". Right clicking and hitting "Start" makes all things right with the world again. On rare occasions (twice in 3 years), I have to turn the other two off, and then restart them in sequence to get it going again.
  10. guess what? when i click on the networking tab on Task Manager. Its hangs up -.-
  11. Anyone has any other solutions? this is getting annoying :(
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