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my computer recently blew up, basically. Anyway, my dad paid for a new mobo and CPU and PSU. Anyway the mobo is a Gigabyte with ct5880 onboard sound. I also have an extigy lying around somewhere (more on that later). Anyway, i hooked up my speakers to the onboard sound. Here are my spec for reference:
Duron 800mhz,
256mb sdram
AC97 ct5880 onboard sound
Gforce 2MX 32mb
Windows XP Pro
Anyway, the problem is that when im running 2d graphics and im listening to music, or have sound playing, any activity distorts the sound and creates horrible scratchy screechy sounds which are quite off putting. I thought it might have been a sound/gfx conflict, so i tried running a game, Medal of honour, and it worked fine, sound was clear no problems there. So its basically a case of the onboard sound not liking to be doing things whilst having any graphics goin on. I then decided to disable all of the pretty visual effects in the winxp gui, which helped tenfold. No more problems, except when anything like a visualization comes on or something is goin on like minimizing windows or scrolling in IE, then out comes the nasty lil distortion.
Is this something to do with drivers? should my gfx be sharing the same IRQ as my onboard sound? why are the extra menu's in the bios for the onboard sound not appearing even when i enable the card? why wont xp disable the soundcard even when my extigy is going on? should going back to win98 sort everything out and render all those previous questions obselete? hmmm. Sorry guys, this ones been a long one! Thanks in advance!
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  1. I have pretty much the same prob. I'm going back to 98 as that seems to have solved the problem. Will go back on XP when I can find the new drivers. I'm using the SC which has never had any noted problems of this so it's a bit odd.

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