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Some how I made a few copies of my printer while trying to reinstall it in Windows 7. It's hard to explain, but for an example I have a HP 6500A Plus and it now shows, XXX(Copy 1), XXX (Copy 2), XXX(Copy 3) (where XXX is HP 6500 A Plus).

How and where do I go to delete the three extra copies?

This is pretty easy to do with files but I can't find help to remove the extra instances of this device (printer). There is probably an easy way to do this but I could not fine it in Help and Support. A Search didn't work. And Devices and Printers only shows one instance. I went on HP's sight and didn't see it there either.

If you know where to find the answer in Help & Suppot. Please let me know so I can bookmark it.

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  1. did you try to delete them as administrator
  2. Did you try to right click on the copy's and choose remove device?
  3. scout_03 said:
    did you try to delete them as administrator

    Which module should i use in Admin. tools to find the extra copies?
  4. you should delete them as the administrator of the system not as single user
  5. bryonhowley said:
    Did you try to right click on the copy's and choose remove device?

    The problem is I can't find any copies to delete, and I don't know where to find them.

    If I'm in Devices and Printers there is only one printer shown there
    if I right click on it I can remove that printer but I can't remove any of the others because the first one was copied. If I move the curser up (after the right click) to where it says "See whats printing" all of the others copies are there but I can't us that or any of the five item below it to delete any of them.

    I can see that there are copied in all five of the items in that right click box.

    Thanks for the help
  6. if you have the driver remove the one you see and let windows install her to see if the other will be gone
  7. scout_03 said:
    if you have the driver remove the one you see and let windows install her to see if the other will be gone

    This whole thing started as I've been having another event problem that may be related to my printer or Net Frameworks 4.0. I removed the printer and all the printer programs for this PC yesterday to see if this would fix my event problem.

    Evidently something was missed and today when I reinstalled I ended up with two copies. After uninstalled and reinstall after that and now I have three copies of print (files?).

    If you unplug the USB cable and Unistall the programs using (Programs and Features) all of the drivers,icons,files, etc. are supposed to be removed..But I've seen a lot of Programs leave things behind in other OS and reapear later.

    If I can find out where these copies are stored I can remove them from the sourse and after that go through the whole cycle to fix this.
  8. Okay I solved my own problem.
    Here is what I sure that happened. Yesterday long before I disconnected and uninstalled software (SW) I remember trying to print a file. As it turned out the file never printed and got stuck in the printer queue. (I had left the room so I didn't remember it) After that I disconnected it and uninstalled SW. Today after connection and reinstalling the software i tried to do another test print. Another file got stuck in queue. (to make a long story short I did this two more times) So when Windows 7 saw this just made another copy of my printer files because it could not fix the printer queue.

    I went through more steps to figure it all out. HP has a printer doctor program that fixed all the files that were stuck in Queue.

    I want to thank all you for your input.
  9. take that it note the next time it happend you will have the answer
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