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Hi, I am trying to set up a wake on LAN (WOL) system for my school's computer labs. Currently, I am experimenting with two computers, one to be turned on, and one to turn the other one on via LAN. I have everything set up on the computer to be turned on (I'll call it XP, since its running Windows XP), except, I don't know which software to use on the other computer (I'll call it W7). So that is one thing I need, a good WOL software. This software needs to be able to turn multiple computers on and off (like in a computer lab) off of one computer. That is all. Thanks.
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  1. Usually WOL is a feature built in to certain software such as remote update and management. I have never heard of stand alone software that just turned on a PC. What are you trying to accomplish?
  2. Look at http://rshut.com for example.
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