It is possible to transfer windows 7 ultimate to another different pc?

Helo. i want to now if there is a way to transfer windows 7 ultimate to another computer that haves windows xp and transfer windows xp to my computer again?
but how?

i was thinking to change the hard drive are de same sata but one haves 99gb and the other haves 500gb
i want to transfer windows 7 to the windows xp computer because i want to play some games that are not compatible with windows xp and some drivers such has directx 11 i already upgrade the ram and buy a graphics card blablabla!
the computers are different on all.
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  1. Depends on the "version" of each OS.

    If you have the "Retail" version of each OS, then YES.

    If you have the "OEM" version of each OS, then NO.

    As far as transferring, nope. You have to re-install the OS and Programs on each PC, only if the OS versions are retail.

    With so many differences between the two PC's, just swapping hard drives wouldn't work, as the drivers would "freak out" when booted up in a different machine. It may even violate the EULA of Microsoft, and require re-activation.

    What are you running on Windows XP? Maybe they can run in Windows 7, or Windows 7 compatibility mode, or Windows XP mode in Windows 7. Can you try running them on the Windows 7 PC, and then you could just upgrade XP->7.
  2. i dont have the retail version i buy the download so i cant do nothing i think that best thing i can do its buy windows 7 home premium Thank you!
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