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I am considering this monitor as it has a good review and supports my ageing Geforce 2mx graphics card in analog mode. However I have one concern and that is the fact that the review of the CML174SXW says that the grid is visible and the pixel matrix is visible, albeit 'close up'. Isn't this a bit disconcerting when trying to concentrate? Just how much of a problem is this. And just how close is close? Also, what is the difference in picture quality between DVI and analog mode?
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  1. been reading mixed reviews by users on here about the CML174SXW. the LG L1710B doesn't seem too bad by comparison, but I do need both analog and DVI modes (for when I eventually upgrade graphics card)
  2. just read that hitachi monitor is not good using analog. sod it, I'll probably just get a dvi compatible graphics card and get a hercules prophetView and be done with it.
  3. After some more deliberation think I'll go for the LG1710B. has good reviews over at amazon and seems to work well in both analog and dvi, so I can update my graphics card at leisure (ie. after the release of the next gen cards so get current day cards cheaper). thanks for all your help in making my decision.
  4. I am running Hitachi CML174 - on DVI... I think this monitor Rox.... the brightness and text looks awesome, and when i play COD, Max Payne, NFS underground and Counterstrike i see no problems at all games run Awesome. is where i got mine..

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    80gb Maxtor
    200gb WD 8mb cache..
    Lian-Li PC-60
    Lite-On 52X
    AMD XP2800+
    LeadTek GeForce 4 Ti4200 w/vivo 128mb 8x
    Hitachi CML174
    1 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 Cas2
  5. ok thanks, shame I can't see some demonstrated to compare them.
  6. Hitachi 17-inch LCD 1280 x 1024 Model - CML175SXW2B has the HyDis panel and is only $419 at also has it for a few more dollars.
  7. how does the Hitachi CML175SXW2b compair agenst the Samsung 172X ?
  8. By the way, Hitachi is selling this monitor for $409 directly. :P

    Everything is saying that Hitachi is gonna release new monitors lineup. Otherwise why they're selling it out so cheap? ;)
    Hopefully it's gonna be new 10ms Hydis panel.
  9. anyone know what monitors direct dead pixel guaranty is?
  10. Never had to find out...I bought the Hitachi from them in November 2002, when it first came out. UPS trashed the first one...called them and they sent out an immediate replacement. Have been working with this one ever since. Just to let you know...never any dead pixels...seems that the Hitachi policy for dead pixels is better than most...think it was something like one dead or three sub...but even the trashed one that UPS messed up didn't have dead was just damaged.


    As far as visuals on this monitor...I still Love it! Can edit video with no problems (however I would have loved it more if 1600 x 1200). Games are fast and very colorful! No ghosting, no banding...nothing. Just beautiful visuals. I have always had great luck with Hitachi...and I have to tell you... Monitors Direct is a GREAT company. My dealings with them is top shelf. Nice part is you buy the monitor and you could pick up the extra three year no hassle warrantee...or if you don't like in the first 30 em and they will pick it up. That is with all brands they sell
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