BOOTMGR missing and failed to start.

Hello. I recently bought a new mobo and processor for my computer. After I installed them I started mycomputer. The mobo posted but when it tried to start windows, it said BOOTMGR MISSING and wouldn't. This new mobo has sata 3 ports and I dont know if my old one did, but that is where I plugged them in. I then tried plugging them into the sata 2 ports. This time it said windows failed to start and it could be because of new hardware and I should try to repair. I tried to start it normally, but on the screen where the little balls fly in and form the windows logo, it gets about half way, a blue screen with words on it flashes very quickly and the computer restarts. When I tried the windows repiar, it can see the install of windows in my HDD, but it said it cannot repair it. The last thing I can think to do is reinstall windows, but I want to make sure I wont lose everything in the process. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. b4 doing anything else......Go into your bios and select "load defaults". Most Sata 3 ports are backward compatible and will work with previos models..... But the bios has to be set correctly. If that doesn't fix it, I'd make sure my ram was ok...... I'd try booting it up with just one stick of ram in slot number one. Then, you can do searches on line. I recently did this myself, to repair the bootmgr. There is lots of info about how to do that. But, it also does not make sense that it's missing? My guess is simply that you don't have the correct drivers loaded for your new mbod. If it were me, here is what I would do.

    I'd make myself a good "full" back up using Acronis, on an external hdd.
    Then, I'd re-install Windows on my computer. Yes, you'll lose all info on that drive at that time. That is why you have backup!
    Then, I'd use Acronis to access the external drive and I'd transfer all of my important data from it to the new Windows install.

    This way, while you were re-installing Windows, you were able to easily geta ll of the necessary drivers loaded. And, you were able to use your back up to re-store important documents, etc.

    best of luck.
  2. Do you have access to a machine that you could download and create a boot partition manager? If so, create a new partition on your HDD and install Win 7 there, once installed you could access your original partition and retrieve your data. The boot failure is almost certainly due to trying to run Windows with the wrong drivers as terryd suggested.
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