Help cascading routers please, specific.

Hi, i recently purchased a Linksys E1200, and plugged it into a lan-lan cable with a Netgear FS726T switch... and the problem that i'm having is that mobile devices connects to the wifi signal, but there is no browsing at all, hence the lan connected computers works just fine...

So, i need to setup this router to make the wifi work like it should, notebooks works fine (with wifi), LAN computers works fine, BUT mobile devices of any kind just don't work...

So... the mapping of all this devices are something like this...

Optic Fiber multi-user dedicated internet with NAT and DHCP on -----> Switch Netgear FS726T with static IP and DHCP OFF -----------------> Linksys E1200 (here is where i need help)

Thank you very much!
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  1. So you want the E1200 to be an AP, right? If so, did you assign the E1200 a static IP also and turn its DHCP off?
  2. RealBeast said:
    So you want the E1200 to be an AP, right? If so, did you assign the E1200 a static IP also and turn its DHCP off?

    Yes i did. But maybe in a wrong way, wich static IP should i put, gateway, subnet mask, etc? from the main router? (netgear) or the main "connection (fiber cable) / modem"?.

    I did see another router at another office that had one of the 5 open IP this provider gives (since it's a big optic fiber cable multi-user), and the designated subnet mask / gateway that this provider gives, and it was working, but it was plugged directly to the modem, so i guess it's not the same for this case.

    Thanks !

    Oh and yes, to work out as a repeater/AP, but at the same time working as a bridge on the lan ports, so computers plugged into the lan ports can see / connect to the lan and domain. Is it possible? Thanks!
  3. Each of the secondary routers that are APs need to have an address in the main network but outside the DHCP range. So for example, if the main router is, make the APs, 0.3 and 0.4; then set the DHCP addressable range in the main router from 0.5 to 0.254 -- you need to set those addresses both in the APs themselves and in the main router. Your mask will be for all devices on this /24 network. Also, it would be best in the 3 APs to use different radio channels -- use 1, 6, and 11 since they don't overlap and won't interfere with one another. Use the same SSID and security type and security key on each.

    The wireless radios and Ethernet ports on all APs will be on the same network -- as long as all computers have the same workgroup name and proper sharing permissions, all devices will be able to communicate and share files.
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