Bootmgr missing on formatted drive

Have formatted this disc 2x and still get Bootmgr missing error, wont take a new install of an OS. Originally had windows 7, have key but no install disc for that, tried installing XP and could not get to bios, any suggestions?

1. Is it a bad hard drive?
2. Is it in the motherboard?
Is there action I can do?
Pc will only allow for ctr. alt del whcin gets you back to square one again
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  1. The bootmgr missing means that there is no bootloader installed on your drive. This message should be displayed when there is an OS installed but the bootloader is damaged or missing. Without an OS a bootloader has no purpose.
    How many disks do you have in your pc?
    Was your OS installed on the disk you formatted or is it a storage disk?
  2. i think you problem is, that your cd/dvd is not one of you boot options. if you reboot follow on screen prompts to "enter setup" which will bring you into bios. under boot options make sure your cd or dvd is listed as an option. restart and it should boot to cd or dvd if it does not see an os.
  3. Boot your system go into the 'BIOS" and select your HDD as first boot device, also make sure you don't have any external USB or HDD connected sometimes they confuse the system.
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