Need help choosing OS on low-end system

I'm upgrading my system from a pentium 2 266 to a duron 900. I'm just a high school student and that's all i can afford. It has 256 mb on ram and a tnt2 32 mb ( i will upgrade later in the year to a mx400 64 mb).

My question is if i must install windows xp or windows 98.
I want a bug-free xp system but i'm not sure if my system will run games at the same speed that windows 98 will. I want to know if the performance of win xp pro will be to poor on my system.

Thanks for your help
PD: I'm chilean and i don't speak english very well. Sorry for the bad grammar.
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  1. WinXP will be just fine on that system, especially after you upgrade the video card.

    Note: The "sweet spot" for the memory is 512MB, but WinXP won't give you any problems with 256MB, unless you are planning on running a really high powered, memory-hungry application.

    WinXP will run your games just as fast ... maybe even faster than Win98. The best results I've had when benchmarking a video card has been with WinXP.


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  2. >> a bug-free xp system

    Was that suppose to be a joke or something?
    At any rate, Linux can be run on just about any system from a 486 to a high end AthlonXP and P4 machine.
    BTW-it's also about 100 times more stable than any windoze system ever made.
    My suggestion, DUAL boot--using 98 strickly for games, and everything else use Linux.

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  3. You'll probably want to go with Windows XP since it will be the next widely supported OS around. Far from me the idea of starting a flame war but I personnaly think that Windows XP is on par with Linux for stability and you'll don't have to dig as far for compatible software.

    Sure you still can dual-boot with Linux if you want to make your mind.

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  4. yes i agree, My XP professional is Very Stable, haven't had one single problem yet... Xp is probly your best choice..

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  5. Well after about 6 posts, I do believe we have a Linux troll in our midst... heh.

    You'll be happy with XP. I've been running it since RC2, and I have yet to have any major issues. I have a 1 GHz Athlon with an ATi Radeon 64MB VIVO... runs great. I've had this system up and running for a month straight without shutting down/rebooting and nary a crash. Don't use 98... you might as well get stability AND the ability to game all in one.

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