My internet wont work. HELP!!

so last night i finished building my desktop, and i fit a rosewell rnx-n250PCe in there. the first time i connected to the internet it worked fine.

usually i have a download speed between 10-15 MB/s and 1-2 upload (dont care bout upload much).

but when i speed test on my desktop i get download speeds between 0.01-3 MB/s and 3-4 upload speed. Whats wrong?

also the first night i used the network card my internet crashed (entire network along with other devices) and the slow speeds have been occuring since then.

its the next day and ever since the first day it shows i have internet access but at random points i dont and it says i do. and when i do have internet access it is unbearably slow.

Is this a problem with my network card or modem/ router?

should i consider getting a different wireless card?
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  1. see if disabling IP6 will make a difference
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