W7 64x freezes 1hr after startup

I have been trying to diagnose my problem for the last few hours. Basically what is happening is after 1h (and event viewer says every 1h 1m the system had to restart when I was asleep) my mouse and keyboard stop working and then the computer freezes over about 1 minute. Basically the active program will freeze, like firefox, then the desktop will freeze, then the mouse/KB wont work.

i5 4.0Ghz (Overclocked)
4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Ram (6GB page file)
6970 XFX x2 in Xfire
120GB M4 Crucial SSD
500GB WD External HDD
850 Corsair PSU
Gigabit Mobo

I recently installed Morrowind Overhaul 2.0 and it would freeze and give me a "low memory" error in an error box when I was trying to set that up. I'd still be able to ctrl alt delete to close it. This is around the time where the problem started. I used the Windows Memory Diag and it came up fine.

I also have downloaded a lot of stuff recently and installed a lot of new programs. But I have scanned with MSE and Spybot 2x each (and am about to restart in safe mode w/ networking like a guide here said to and try Malwarebytes).

I have also been unplugging External HDD constantly without ejecting but even with the HDD unplugged my computer crashes. I used Crystal Disk Info and HD Tuner and CHKDSK on both and they seem to work fine. HD Tuner is still checking my External atm though.

When I woke up today my computer said there was a disk error but I dont remember the exact message and to push enter, this was before POST.

-Used CCleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Comodo System Cleaner,
-Dusted my computer to bring temps down and am running at around 36-44C idle on GPU + CPU.
-Did Windows Update
-Updated GFX to 12.4
-All Malware programs are constantly updated and I scan every few days

Im not sure what the problem is at all or how to diagnose it.

Ram failure?
HDD failing?

Its about time for a format anyway if I can't find the answer, but if its a virus or a hardware problem it will continue. Can virus infect a video file or music file or a game file? Like if I got a virus and had a clean video, could that video then be infected? Basically I want to know what I can keep if I do have a virus/worm/trojan.

Sorry this is long trying to be thorough, thx for any help or advice.
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  1. Have you checked the basics? Temps, memory, HDD?
  2. temps are all low 36-44C, scanned memory with Windows Diag tool and am going to try Memtest86+ in when I finish scanning my Drives with MalwareBytes, MSE, and Spybot in safemode w/ networking.

    Im also defragging my external just because. No Idea why my computer is crashing. I should prob turn off my OC as well which Ill do next.

    I dust my PC at the least every 2 months with it being more like monthly with an electric duster, I never touch anything except the fan blades and the problem occured before I dusted this morning and obv remained after.

    My RAM might be overheating as a possibility but I doubt it.
  3. I'm not totally convinced about the stability of SSDs, I have a Samsung, and get some problems which can't be explained. One option which might help is to create a partition on your data drive and load a basic version of Win7 there with enough drivers to run the system and boot from there with the SSD disconnected to see if that's stable, at least rule out hardware... You can install without the entering the key temporarily...
  4. I have a few things Im going to try first but I cant physically change my computer atm, but ill try that tomorrow. Thx.
  5. I turned off the OC and it still froze after almost exactly 1hr intervals. I have a spare 640mb HDD that I can hook up instead of my SSD, it might even have W7 still on it.

    I am looking at the crucial forums and apparently my P55 mobo conflicts with the SSD which happens are 5200 hours/ 7 months if Im reading this right. I might just have to update firmware to fix it but it could be more complicated...

    I guess Ill see if my system works without my SSD after I test a firmware update.
  6. sound more like a mb or windows power setting issue. have you turned off spinning the hard drive down in windows?? if not it lock up your ssd.
  7. I think I have turned off all those settings but Im not sure. Can you be more specific?
  8. hawkish said:
    I think I have turned off all those settings but Im not sure. Can you be more specific?

    Think he means 'Power Options/Change Plan Settings/Change Advanced Power Settings/Hard Disk/Turn Off=Never...
  9. Ok I did like 50 things but I think you were right about the SSD. I did a firmware update and my problem was actually a common one for my SSD. Some people had success some people it helped temporarily so atm it has been going for 3hrs strong, but it could still fail.

    I guess Ill give it a week and see if I have any problems. So thx for the help and you were right about the SSD haha
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