now this problem is really annoying! help....

im using onboard soundcard on the asus a7v333, its a c-media something sound chip...
anyway, in the baggining it worked fine, but then all of the sudden, something [-peep-] up, when recording, no matter from which source, from cdrom, mic, even from the stereo mix, there is a loud annoying screech. i first found out when some friends complained about it when we were using voice chats when gaming... (rw)
so i tried in windows sound recordr, same annoying screech is there, my voice is too, but the screech is there loud and annoying.
tried changing several drivers, none helped.
has anyone else ever experienced such a problem?
how do i fix this?
or do i have to return the whole board to get a new one...?
10x for any input!

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  1. load shotgun, point at board, pull trigger, return to manufacturer, get new board WITHOUT onboard sound and install a real sound card.

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  2. where do i get shotgun?

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  3. You might check for connection problems and or standoffs shorting out your motherboard. It may also be a bad mike.

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  4. Will the M/B allow you to disable the onboard sound either in the CMOS settings or Jumper on the M/B, if it will, get you a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card, and run that instead, most M/Bs with onboard sound will allow it to be disabled. Ryan

    PS Your sigs offensive, You'd probably get more help if you changed it.

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  5. yes it allows to disable, but no i cant afford a new soundcard right now ;)
    it came to my attention that it might be the irq of the gfx and the soundcard.. the irq of the gfx is 17, of the soundcard 16, and another usb hub shares the same irq (16).
    how the hell do i change irq settings?

    PS better?

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  6. actually its the other way around (16-17) nm, the thing is, i asked a few friends they have same irq's for the gfx and sound card, and no such problem
    what else can be the problem?
    could this be a faulty sound chip?

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