Have had previous issues. Computer randomly dies, but no power loss

Hello everyone. I've been having seemingly different issues with my computer for several months now. It's "custom built" by CyberPower PC.
I have posted a previous thread about some older issues, which are now fixed, that I had. You can see it here: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/39468-63-getting-bsod-upgrade

Initially, I had issues with my computer displaying symptoms of a faulty PSU. I was shutting down instantly whenever I ran intensive games for too long.
I had a really cheap XtremeGear PSU. I replaced it successfully with a silver-certified Corsair PSU, and those issues went away.

Soon after those issues went away, I started getting random freezes, crashes, and BSODs. I finally tracked this down to a bad version of firmware on my SSD, and upgraded it by upgrading the firmware version, doing a 'secure erase', or something along those lines, as OCZ calls it, then installing a brand new copy of Windows 7.

Everything went fine for a little bit. It's been 1-2 weeks or so since I upgraded the firmware.
Over the past few days, I have noticed random ... near-shutdowns. Basically, my monitor was off, and my computer was unresponsive - but the lights and fans and what-not were on.
I thought something tried to shut down my computer or something, and didn't think much of it. Maybe a weird Windows Update, iunno.

Note: The hard reboot function on my computer (a tiny button near my power button) that usually works without issue does not work when this happens. My computer still has power, but it seems like it just... died. No monitor connection. No response whatsoever.
A simple holding down of the power button and then pressing it again when it turns off seems to work, although the power up from that point takes a bit longer than normal.

Today, I have seen this first-hand 2 times. Just today. I was doing something, the sound started skipping - at which point my monitor disconnected, although for a few seconds after, I could still hear the guy I was talking to on Skype, and he could hear me. A few seconds and the sound dies down, and my comp is completely gone. Power still running as I already mentioned.
Do note that this has happened both when I was running an intensive game and when I wasn't running much of anything - certainly nothing intensive.

I've already replaced my PSU, upgraded my SSD firmware, and reformatted my main HD (not data drive) and reinstalled Windows. I ran memtest a little while ago and it ran w/o issues, 2 passes, 0 fails.

Oh, and FYI, I've checked temperatures. My computer is not at all overheating.

So - any suggestions? I'm pretty desperate here. This has been going on for months. I use this computer for gaming, programming, and work.

Thanks a lot everyone.

Edit: My computer just "died" again - for the third or fourth time today. I'd like to note that for 2-3 seconds right after this happens (i.e. right when my monitor goes dark and my computer stops being responsive), my fans get very loud - much louder then they normally would. After this, my fans go back to the normal volume level that they are usually at.

The only thing notable in my Windows Event Viewer is that there was a generic, unexpected loss of power. It leads me to information about a "Kernel Power Event 41", with the following link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/080b178d-5633-4bd1-8746-b442fcdc3851.aspx.
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  1. Think I'd be tempted to create a new partition on your data drive and install a basic Win 7 with enough drivers to run with the SSD disconnected, at least rule out further probs with the SSD which may well be the culprit. Least expensive next diagnostic test!
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