Hyundai Q17 Response time - wrong in review?

Toms review quotes 20ms for this panel, this on cd docs say 25ms, the Hyundai site dosen't say at all. Which is correct?
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  1. I just got this from Nam in Cho ( at Imagequest:

    "Thank you for your interest in Hyundai ImageQuest, Q17 LCD Monitor. you use to monitor panel is samsung . response time 25ms.

    p.s : other panel is hydis 20ms , AUO panel 16ms."

    and this off Jens Gerster ( at imagequest europe:

    I can promise you that the panel you have is a 20 ms Panel. The fault is from our side, because the CD Rom of the monitor is not updated. The responstime which is mentioned there is form the former product months ago.

  2. Hi BiscuitMonster

    As you have the Q17 I wondered if you could confirm what OSD options you have. Mine are as follows, i.e. there is no sign of Hue or Flesh control as mentioned in the spec. or the THG group:

    Digital DVI Input
    Brightness ¦ Contrast ¦ Miscellaneous
    Language ¦ Audio ¦ InputSelect

    Analogue VGA
    Brightness ¦ Contrast ¦ ColorControl ¦ Position ¦ ClockPhase
    Miscellaneous ¦ Language ¦ Audio ¦ AutoAdj ¦ InputSelect

    I wonder if Hyundai are using different panels for the same model?

  3. Roger,

    your DVI menu matches mine. I haven't bothered trying the analogue as I know the DVI is better, but yes, this is something else that is different from the review.
  4. Hi
    Have the same lcd on DVI and ther's no sign of color temp
    I tried Tom's profiles for digital in win2K advance settings/color management but profiles were not accepted as being invalid profiles .
  5. Email for Hyundai Imagequest Europe supp0rt:

    "Hello, jgerster,

    I bought Hyundai Q17 (DVI&D-sub) - silver version.
    Data of my monitor:

    On the backside of monitor:
    Model: Q17
    Type No.: L17C0D081
    FCC ID: PJIL17C0D081
    Serial No.: Q170SAS937916264
    Manufactured: July 2003
    P/N : 631 6332 927

    On the BOX:
    EAN: 8809093741041
    S/N: Q170SAS937916264
    F/G Code: LMQ17AUS0BES51-HIE-01

    I believe that in my monitor is 20ms HyDis panel not 16ms AU Optronics -
    as You said.
    So why Hyundai write in all specification differents value of response
    time ?
    I saw in specification that Q17A (D-sub only) has 16ms response time of
    panel in specification.
    Specification of my monitor tells that is 25 ms response time.
    I think that two monitors are the same and different is only digital
    It's strange maintenance of Hyundai cause customers aren't sure is it
    the same monitor as tested by (Hyundai is a winner) -
    is it marketing because most of LCD's today have 16ms panels ?

    Reply from Hyundai Europe:

    Dear Mr. Przemek,

    Sorry for this matter, but sometimes it´s not so easy to synchronize all
    this informations which are available for all customers. A problem could
    also that a dealer has a unit on stock which is not from the actual
    production. We don´t need to cheat our customers because of Marketing
    issues, if you see german test results in magazines you will always see
    that our specifications are correct and matching with the measurements
    of the test companies. As you know sometimes we have to use different
    panels because of shortage of the components, but different panels
    didn´t means different quality. Hyundai only use A-Grad panels from
    Hyundai or AU-Optronics, and any quality difference is not possible to
    see without the right measurement tools.

    Feel free to contact me for further informations.

    Best regards,

    Jens Gerster
    Manager Service & Marketing Europe
    Hyundai ImageQuest Europe GmbH
    Hajo Rüter Straße 19
    65239 Hochheim

    Tel:+49 (0) 6146 904 0
    Fax:+49 (0) 6146 904 410
    E-Mail: "

    I think that Q17 (DVI+D-sub) is on BoeHyDis panel - AUO panels have different values of viewing angles horizontal/ vertical and they mostly are the same (120/120; 160/160; 140/140) and values of HyDis panel 20ms are different 125/150.

    Hyundai makes real confussion with Q17 panel.

    But another problem is that TG ICM profiles don't work with Q17 Dual - with my too :-(
    I request Tomshardware - try to explain situation with Q17 and panel's manufacturer (ICM problem too).
    It really helps potential buyers and users.
    I don't understand ICM problem - I have the same Q17 (Dual) as in review, so maybe my Q17 has different panel and Hyundai Europe support has not the foggiest idea about panels in Q17 :-/

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