Configuring Dlink DIR-655 as an AP on a network with 802.1x Auth


I am currently trying to set up my old Dlink DIR-655 Router as an Access Point in my dorm room. We are only given one ethernet port in the bedroom and dragging a 50ft ethernet cable between the bedroom and the common area in the suite is no fun. I have tried to far unsuccessfully. I think the problem is related to the 802.1x authentication that is used on the network. Does anyone have any idea on how to get it to work? So far I have disabled DHCP, UPnP and then plugged the first client LAN port into the ethernet port that is provided. I can connect to the router and access the admin panel but there is no connection to the internet. It also did not work plugging my computer into a second LAN port instead of connecting wirelessly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If they are using 802.1x on the ethernet jack I suspect you are out of luck.

    The key features of this are that it is DESIGNED to allow only a single end device to be attached to a physical port. It uses a special protocol called EAPOL. No router or AP can run this as a client.( They technically could but nobody does since it would violate the security)

    This is the key method to prevent someone from placing a router or switch into your network.
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