Cant connect to 1 wireless network

Hello guys,

i have a windows 7 64bit home prem.

im using Asus laptop "G74s"

so here is the thing, i can connect to every wireless network in range .... but only 1 network that matters to me, coz i mostly use public wireless networks, and that 1 network is driving me crazy, i simply cant connect to it.... some days i just connect to it and its all good, and 10 days i keep wasting all my day trying to connect but its no use.

ive been reading and trying every fix i found in the internet so far, and nothing seems to work... one day, i just disabled and enabled the wireless adapter and then it connected me for like an hour then it just stopped, its driving me mad coz it is connecting "somtimes" and more not.... this is sooooo frustrating guys, can u please help me?

sorry for my bad english =/
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Sounds like the network gets busy and is restricted to a bandwidth limit. Maybe if you are inactive for a short while, they kick you out and if you can't get in it's because the network is crowded.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with your English. Whichever is your native language, I wouldn't come close to your standard in mine. :D

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