Problem connecting two routers together

Hello there, I am trying to connect two routers together (R1 and R2)
I have set on R1 and I have set on R2
I have set R1 to be the DHCP and disabled DHCP on R2
I have connected the two routers with a cable on a numbered lan port.
All computers on the network connected both on R1 and R2 receive IPs.

So here is the problem:
If i connect to R1 and then ping R2, R2 responds
If i connect to R2 and then ping R1, R1 does not respond
also there is no internet access on PCs connected on R2, but there is on PCs connected on R1

how can i fix this?
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  1. so you connected the LAN port of R2 to a LAN port of R1?
  2. Emerald said:
    so you connected the LAN port of R2 to a LAN port of R1?

  3. this is giving me a headache...I can't see why it works only one way.

    I connected through wifi on R1
    then connected with remote desktop on a pc which is attached on problems.

    Then tried to ping R1 from the remote computer and I it does not respond!!!

    How is this possible?!
  4. what routers are you using?

    did you test the network cable between r1 and r2?
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