Best setup using two routers, switch, and cable modem?

I recently had to add a wireless router to my home network. Because of this, I had to rearrange some of the devices (TVs, blu-ray players, computers) on the network. My network hardware setup consists of a cable modem (Roadrunner) with a 4 port switch (hub) plugged into it. A phone router is plugged into the switch as well as the wireless 4 port router. My devices are plugged into ports on the wireless router as well as the two remaining ports on the switch (the phone router only has capacity for the phone). My main question, before I get around to the question of why some of my devices no longer connect or only connect occasionally, is this: Is this the best way to set up this hardware? In other words, should the switch be first off the modem or should I have a router first off the modem with the switch plugged into that or some other way. I am a noob when it comes to networking, but at one time everything worked fairly stable till I switched things around. Now after I reboot the system because of power failure, etc., some of the devices might start working well others might stop. I suspect it has something to do with obtaining IP addresses, if that is the right way to phrase it. Thanks for any suggestions/comments. I should add that connecting with wireless devices has NOT been a problem.
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  1. modem -> router -> switch
  2. WOW, that was fast! But I need to use both routers in order to have enough ports to plug everything in. So should it be modem>router> switch>router? Or modem>router>router>switch? Which way would be less problematic?
  3. same difference just make sure to configure the second router as an AP
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