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I just purchased a newly released cd-rom and in my efforts to back it up (as I have numerous young nephews who visit often so I hide the master cds) I ran into many difficulties I was wondering if theres any software out that will identify the errors present on the cd or the name or type of copy protection that was used????????
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  1. do a search on google for clonxxl also check out the forums at

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  2. YAPS (Yet Another Protection Scanner) and ClonyXXL identify some protection schemes. You probably have run into one of the new SecuRom *New protection schemes. Some of them can't be copied 1:1. You have to be lucky to get a working backup at all. There aren't any progams that identify particular versions SecuRom yet. The above programs can only identify SecuRom *New in general.

    You should be able to find the utilities at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. You can also find information about copy protection at both sites. The forums at are particularly helpful.

    By the way, which game are you trying to backup?

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  3. Guess I type too slowly.

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  4. lol nahh you gave more info than I did ... good call on the secure rom new .. I want to know which game he is backing up too to add to my securerom list

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  5. Could you post a copy of that list of games? I'm mostly interested in games that came after Neverwinter Nights, or games with the problematical New SecuRom *New (or whatever its called).

    Last I have heard, the newest versions of the protection use something called twin sectors which can't be duplicated by CD writers. This aspect of the protection is similar to that of the Tages protection (also uncopyable).

    At least the newest versions of New SecuRom *New are better than the version in Neverwinter Nights, in that the original copies of games work in most drives and aren't as tempermental.

    Have you been lucky with any of those SecuRom titles. I don't own any yet so it hasn't been an issue but I'm always curious

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