How do I connect a second PC to my home internet connection?

I have Wi-Fi in my house and we able to connect my mom's laptop, her smart phone, and my iPod touch to it, but I just got a used PC from my grandfather and have no clue how to get internet on it.
My family already has a PC with a DSL modem and wireless gateway connected to it. We do not have a "router" and the only phone jack in the house has the DSL modem connected to it...
From my understanding, the easiest fix is to make my "new" PC Wi-Fi capable, but how do I do it? It is running Windows XP. Thank you
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  1. you most likely have a modem/router all-in-one device.

    check the back of the modem/router if it has any open network ports available. If it does you could connect the computer via network cable to the modem/router.

    If it does not, you will need buy a wireless network card for the computer. the easiest one to install is a USB one since it plug into one of the USB port on you computer.
  2. Yes, my modem/router is an all-in-one device. I think that a wireless card is my best option so that we don't have wires running through out the whole house.

    Are there any Wireless adapter cards that I should avoid?
    Or any recommendations?
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