Logitech Z-680 5.1 THX Speakers

I see logitech have released a new 5.1 speaker system to improve on the the Z-560.

Looking at the pics, they look pretty cool ;)

Looks like they will be a nice alternative to the creative megaworks, good news seeing how creative seems to have such bad after sales service.

Anyone got any views on them?
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  1. Only 51 watts, I want a 400+ watter, 5.1

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  2. Total Power Output for the Z-680 is 450 watts.

    Are you getting confused with the Z-640??
  3. Here's a link <A HREF="http://gear.ign.com/articles/371/371336p1.html" target="_new">http://gear.ign.com/articles/371/371336p1.html</A>
  4. Yah, I was.
    Thanks It looks pretty cool.
  5. ok, I just read the review and they look incredible! When he says a price of around $400, is that in usa currency?
  6. Not sure. But the price in the UK will be about £250.00 inc vat
  7. I did a search on google, it looks like it will be around 300us.
  8. Sorry I'm still borderline bankrupt (which I have a tendency to use as my reasoning behind trying to leverage every dollar I got and jump on the consumer advocates bandwagon).... but...

    I wouldn't be too sure that the pricing is reasonable considering the good deal and price mark made by the z560's. They were close to, at intro time, around 200$ Canadian, and now rest at $240 or so. Judging by the price conversion the 680's'll end up about $400 (Can.). This 5.1 offering, (which they should have made when they entered the market)considering the advent of 6.1 DD & DTS (and some 7.1 cards) and possibly THX Ultra 2 seems really half axed or a way, way too slow.

    I was wondering also about the technology of the speaker design itself, has this improved? Are there specs concerning the current technology, I mean specs that I can objectively compare? Are there treble adjustments, an easy to access fuse, crossover adjustments, DTS-ES decoding, yadayadayada...

    I've politely (hard for me) inquired with Logitech several times over many months specifically about upcoming products, to which I get the most inane and ridiculous responses. Which makes it absolutely obvious they are not allowed to/going to/want to release any details about any future products (speakers). Like pricing the z-560 well below the market wasn't a loud enough shot over the bows of the competition. Gimme a break.

    Reaveal yourselves or get toasted. Like I said I'm probably going to end up getting even another set of z560's Unless I can find a demo setup of Megtaworks and Altech 641's.

    I think the market is prime right now for dual 10" sub's, satelittes with at least an additional 1" tweeter, and a center speaker adding 4.5" dual perimeter cones and variable inputs on it for combined or 7.1 setup and a bump of about 20 watts.

    A neat marketing trick might be; to also allow the setup of of additional satelittes ( or accessories) to the base or any number of schemes that allow tweaking and flexibility. Now I know it is very easy to snipe at an individual's ideas, but if a manufacturer puts out a product with crazy ideas we lap it up, why? Is it the perceived authority or credibility we associate with a maker that suggest they 'know'?

    I like the power of PC setup because I use it as my stereo, home theater and for gaming. I probably got real bad ears from all the Zep, Funk and Floyd concerts I went to, but until I get a hearing aid I can not justify a separate audio system with all it's square plastic lights and square plastic price.

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