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Hi all,
I am in a LAN and I have a single IP which has been assigned to me. I have to manually set my ip, the gateway ip and the DNS ip in order to obtain internet access.

I would like to give internet connection to more than one client... until now, I used Connectify to create an hotspot with my notebook, but I would like to use my modem/router to do this (I have a Hamlet HDRDSL300)

I know that I can connect it to another router and let the clients to connect to the same primary network ...

Just an example:
Modem/Router 1 (WAN, given by ISP): x.x.x.x
Modem/Router 1 (LAN):
Modem/Router 2:
A LAN camble from the modem/router 1 to the modem/router 2...
All clients connected to the Modem/Router 1 or Modem/Router 2 receive an IP in the network of the Modem/Router 1... that is 192.168.0.x

But here I just have a LAN port ... I can connect with a given (single) IP and I would like to create an internal network.
Modem/Router (WAN): fixed and given IP, GATEWAY and DNS (I should set them in the modem/router control panel)
Modem/Router (LAN):
All clients connected to the Modem/Router receive an IP in the network of the Modem/Router... that is 192.168.0.x

Is this possible with a modem/router? My HDRDSL300 does not have a specific RJ-45 connector for WAN ... I could just use one of the 4 available RJ-45 ports...

Thank you
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  1. Not sure what router that is but if it is like many DSL routers you cannot use it as a router only as a switch. It would need a wan port that was ethernet for it to run NAT and DHCP correctly.

    Now if your problem is that you only have a single cable but need to hook up multiple PC then you can use the device as a switch, be sure to disable DHCP though.

    If you are actually restricted to only a single IP then you are going to have to buy a router that has ethernet wan ports.
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