Creating an Ad-Hoc network between desktop and laptop?

My desktop, which runs on Vista, is connected to the internet via a cable modem. I am trying to get my laptop, which runs on Windows 7, to connect to the same network without a router via the use of an Ad-Hoc network.

I have created the Ad-Hoc network on my desktop and have successfully connected to it through my laptop. The problem is that although I am connected to the Ad-Hoc network on the laptop I cant connect to the internet. It simply says Access Type: No Internet Access. I have internet sharing on and don't know what to do to successfully connect to the internet via the laptop. When I diagnose the connection it says "The network adapter does not have a valid IP configuration" I have both pcs set to "Obtain IPv6/v4 addresses automatically" and dont know what else to do.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Not 100% sure but I think you might have to enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the Vista computer
  2. I made sure that was enabled and it is. Any other suggestions?
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