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hi i am interested in setting up a neighborhood wifi network between myself and friends. presently i own an Asus Rt N66u router along with a Hawking Technology range booster but haven't been able to get sufficient range from this. is their any router or networking device that i can use to at least achieve like 1 mile network range and coverage,which should be more that sufficient to accommodate my networking needs???
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  1. 1 mile network range < no
  2. 1 mile range, and extended coverage, with consumer level equipment? Not going to happen.

    You need big boy toys for that ($$$$)
  3. ok so tell me where am i gonna get equipment capable of achieving range such as that
  4. Before you even start to look at equipment you need to find out if you can put up a tower or you can rent space on one. To go a mile even on flat terrain you are going to need at least 50ft even more is better. Wireless is line of site so every location needs to be able to see the central location when you are going long distance.

    So can you even get a permit to put up a small tower where you live.
  5. yea that isnt a problem to do. i just need to know what sort of equipment i'll need
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    Try looking here.

    This is still just normal wireless lan which is not optimal. The ISP who sell services use a product from motorola called canopy
  7. any more suggestions. cuz i notice most of the wifi antennas use usb connections. is there any using LAN connexcions
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