Shrew Soft VPN Negotiation Timeout

I am using Shrew Soft VNP Client and Juniper SSG 140 and getting the error:

attached to key daemon ...
peer configured
iskamp proposal configured
esp proposal configured
client configured
local id configured
remote id configured
pre-shared key configured
bringing up tunnel ...
negotiation timout occurred
tunnel disabled
detached from key daemon

Microsoft Virtual WiFi Mini Adapter is not the problem and I tried changing the NAT Trasversal to force-rcp that didn't fix it either.

The VPN Client works fine except when using WOW internet provider and 123Net.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Looks like the VPN rejected the connection at the far end.
    Can you attach to the VPN using another internet provider?

    Check in with the sys admin for the VPN server and make sure you have the right credentials and authorizations. Mention using WOW and 123net.
  2. We can connect through other internet providers such as at&t and comcast.
    It appears to be an issue with the Juniper's firewall.

    I am essentially the sys admin on this case and can't find anywhere that doesn't give the right credentials/authorizations

    123net is setup as our backup internet so when that was set up its possible that it was setup to be seperate just to act as the failsafe
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