Desktop cant connect to the internet but wireless devices can.

I recently shut my computer down overnight, something I never do. When I booted it up the next day I had no internet connection. My computer is a desktop that's hard wired to a router and the modem. My son has a computer and an Xbox, both attached wirelessly to the router. Both of his computers are working mine is not. I keep getting a message saying "network is unidentified", but it won't let me pull up any networks. Its telling me there are no networks in my area. I have tried recycling both the router and modem numerous times, I even tried restoring my system to a date from last wk. NOTHING is working!! Before I pay a fortune to have someone come out and look at it, does anyone have any suggestion?
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  1. You should be able to troubleshoot this. First insure that your Ethernet cable is connected to the router (and use a different LAN port if another is available) and computer and doesn't appear damaged.

    Then, check in your desktop Device Manager and look for network adapters to see if yours shows up as working. If not, you may just need to re-install the network adapter driver.

    If the network adapter is there and working, look into the network control panel, select change adapter settings, right click on the Ethernet adapter, select properties, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 and select properties -- is the computer automatically obtaining an address?
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