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Alright so i did some quick research on how to boost the signal of my netgear router (wnr2000 v2). I ended up seeing some stuff with tx-power. And some related articles to dd-wrt. So i successfully was able to download the program onto the router. Only to find out that the wireless wasn't working. so i spent hours looking at countless websites to see whats wrong. Then i finally fixed it. In hoping it would improve my signal and speed...it didn't. It's considerably slower than last time (when the router was factory bought)
I live in a house at college with 7 other people, me and another roommate like to game. Along with the other 22 year olds that like surfing the web and watching netflix. I don't know what to do now to get the best possible connection with out running cables.. ITS A ONE YEAR LEASE HOUSE. By the way our modem is also a router. my plan was to have the main modem/router be the access point for the upstairs people (they had better signal with that) and make the netgear the accesspoint for the basement with increase in tx-power along with what ever else i can do. I really need help and can't spend money or have wires all over the place.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Sounds like you might benefit from looking at powerline networking. You and your fellow gamer could cable to a local power socket into which you plug a pwoerline adapter which "talks" to another which is cabled to the router.

    Yes, it involves wires but only short ones and not strung out all over the house, up the stairs and out of windows, etc. It also wouldn't be against the terms of the Lease and you pull them out an dtake them with you when you leave.

  2. You should probably configure the dd-wrt router as a wireless repeater ("repeater bridge" specifically) rather than just another AP. You could then place the wireless repeater in a more ideal location, roughly midway between the primary router and its intended users.
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