Are 4.1 speakers worth it?

trying to decide on either 2.1 or 4.1 speaker setup. Is 4.1 really that much better? the thing I dont like is you have to figure out a way to place speakers behind your seat which can be hard to do in a room without getting in the way. I could either get a set of altec lansing 641's for like 150 delivered, or a pair of monsoon 9' for 79 bucks. what do you think?
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  1. Just a suggestion so don't go ballistic on me, you're also seriously looking into information on soundcards, so heres my speaker suggestion. 5.1 surround sound works great with the 5.1 soundcards, and I have a high back office chair and my rear speakers are mounted to the back of my chair at ear level, sounds fantastic, its kinda like sitting in a set of headphones, think about it. Ryan

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  2. hearing damage anyone??? what!
  3. I see you moved up to a journeyman.

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  4. Well, since im on a budget I think this is what im going to do. monsoon planar 9's and my live value for my main pc, and a 16 dollar 4 channel cheapo pci sound card with 10 dollar crap speakers for my spare pc.

    Yes I'd like a better sound card and 4.1 speakers for my main rig, but that is much more expensive and id have to rearrange my room to get the speakers positioned right. hope those monsoons are as good as I've been told!!!
  5. Sounds like you should have a 2.1 set. I mean how can you possibly hear the front speakers with the back speakers so close to you?

    What big needs is two desk with his chair in the middle. Helps if he has a 10 by something room for the two desk. The second desk can come in handy.

    ________________________________________ desk one


    ________________________________________ desk two

    Anyway yes 4.1 or 5.1 speakers make a big difference. If your in the middle of the speakers you can even tell where the sound is coming from, because it's all around you. Some say 2.1 sounds better, to each his own.

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  6. Damn, and i thouht the whole point was to just get a nice pair of headphones.

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  7. You'd just have to give it a try yourself, every speaker is distinguishable, and you don't have to turn it up loud either, but when I do its awesome. Ryan

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  8. The best value in speakers is the Altec Lansing ATP3, which is very loud, very nice sounding, and cost around $40. I've had a set since the days they used to cost $150. The reason they are cheap is because they are not a current model. But they produce better quality sound at a higher volume than comparable current models.

    In fact, they have a more balanced sound than the ATP5, the 5-way version. The satelites of the 5-way would drown out the sub, which was the same sub used on the 3-way. So if you wanted 4.1 sound, I'd say TWO SETS of ATP3's would be a great option.

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  9. have to agree with Crashman
    my old set up is with a 5.1 sound card with Altec lansing ATP3
    pluged in to the front port of sound card, and hava a seceond pair
    of regular speakers for my rare, the sound is excellent
    there really is a differce between 4.1 and 2.1, gotta give it a try

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  10. I found a huge difference between my old speakers on my old comp and the new ones for my new comp. The sound on the new ones is incredible!!! On the old comp i had a Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 2.1 or somethin like that running on a live sound card. My new system is a Klipsch Promedia 4.1 running on an audigy sound card. The sound rules, i had no idea so much separation and quality was even possible on a computer. So yeah the difference between 2.1 and 4.1 in my case was huge and well worth the upgrade.
  11. It sounds like you had an inferior sound system. Anyway, the difference between a 4.1 sound system and a 2.1 front/2.0 rear is...NOTHING, as long as the 2.1 and 2.0 sets are hooked up in a 4.1 configuration.

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  12. Absolutely! For the DVDS, the 3d sound is awesome. You hear bullets whizzin past you.

    Setup can be messy unless you have an uncluttered room. The sound is worth it.

    I'd get the logitech z560 4.1s over the altec lansings (about the same price online). They have 400 watts and are very clear and loud. If you ever think you'll need a 5.1, get it now and save money when you want to upgrade.

    Actually, you could pick up a cheap decoder (~$100) and a decent "real" home theater at best buy for about $400-$500 that'll kick the ship out of computer speakers. JBLs 5.1 speakes are on sale for about $350 or so. Not so bad considering the klipsch promedia 5.1s are around $400 at the same store. I have some relatively cheap cerwin vegas (5.1) speakers and a receiver that sound so much better than my logitech z560. The highs are clear and bass is very very low. PLus you'll a real hi-fi setup is more flexible than some pc speaker setups.

    The new logitech z680 450watt 5.1s may be the sweet spot. They'll come with digital decoders and be around $300. Talk about a value, and they sound good too.

    The 4.1 is a big jump from 2.1 (another dimension), while 5.1 is not as big a jump from 4.1. 6.1 is even less of jump though it certaintly won't hurt. 7.1?? is that two on the sides and two on the back in addition to the three in front??

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