Xbox 360 internet problems

hey eveyone can you help me
my xbox 360 is near a year old and still works like new but these past few days i haven't been able to get online . i press connect to xbox live and it says unable to connect so i go to the network settings sign out and try again . now it finds and connects to my wireless modem but when it trys to connect to my internet it fails every time and i dont know why
please help me
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  1. I'm having the exact same problem! My Xbox is also about a year old, I have the 4GB version that came with Kinect when it was released. The xbox isn't letting me connect to my wireless network, or if I am able to connect, I get booted off after about 20 min. I know my network is working fine, since I am also on my laptop at the same time and am having no network issues there. I've tried restarting my router and my modem multiple times, and each time it has the same effect; I'm able to connect for a short period of time before it kicks me off and I can't get back on.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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