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Has anyone had the same problem I have with the Nvidia Detonator 40.71 drivers?
When I installed them all seemed ok and I didnt notice a problem at first. But one day I tried to run Sysedit and it kept crashing. Then I tried to run Regclean and it crashed. I knew something was wrong but couldnt find the trouble. The next day I was sitting there and tried to play Solitaire and it crashed. I had had this problem before with McAfee virusscan 6, but they put a patch out that fixed the problem. So I didnt think it was the same issue.
What it turned out to be after a few days of working on it, was Nview, part of the Dets. Nview runs a file in the background named 'nview.dll' which is called by 'rundll32.dll'.
When that was program was running in the background, there seemed to be a problem with some different stuff.
It has something to do with 'rundll32.dll', but once I turned Nview off the problem went away.
I havent tried turning it back on with 40.72, which I have installed now, but I was wondering if its just my stupid luck to have this problem.
BTW, Im running win98, with a TNT2 M64 AGP card. AGP is set at 4x on my FIC AZ-11 motherboard.
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  1. I guess thats my answer, no seems to have this problem besides me. Of course.
    Thanks for the help.
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