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I've been looking to buy a tv tuner, have read as much as I could find online about them but still have questions about the hardware.
Mainly, how would I know if a tuner will be able to accept a digital cable signal? HDTV? If it says digital tuner, would it still be able to accept analog signal? I often find the spec sheets for tuners inconsistent and not complete.
Also would different cards differ in picture quality?

Mainly I am looking for a PCI tuner with analog and digital decoding capibilities(hdtv doesnt matter), stereo sound(at least?). Good to decent browsing software to compliment the card. And of course the best picture quality/price.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

and fatburger, yes i know you have and reccomend the leadtek one =)
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  1. You'll have to get a special tuner card that cost about twice as much to get digital/analog capabilities. Hauppauge sells them. But getting one now is a step toward future-proofing your card, because the FCC has mandated that all analog signals will be dropped by a certain date. But they keep changing the date...

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  2. I think the AIW Radeon 8500dv has dv capable inputs and outputs. You just need a dongle, which can be ordered from ATI. Of course, it's an all-in card and not a seperate capture card, so you have to take the 3d performance of this card withthe capture capabilities. Their next-gen All-in-wonder card (the 9700) does not have the digital option.

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  3. Differences between the 8500DV and the AIW 8500:

    The DV has 64MB, a 1394 Firewire port and runs slow (230/230 I think)

    The AIW has 128MB, NO firewire port, and runs faster (275/275 I think).

    Both have the standard S-Video and RCA Composite inputs, both have a Cable TV input, etc.

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  4. I bought an AverMedia TV Studio PCI card about a year ago. I have digital satellite hooked up to it and it has analog inputs as well. All the cables you need come with the card. It's compatible with any Windows operating system. Works well but I wasn't satisfied with the capture software that came bundled with the card so I upgraded to InterVideo's software. The bundled software is fine for watching TV or capture and playback on your monitor or TV, I just wanted improved quality and more editing options for VCD's. I'm very happy with the results capturing video and burning VCD's. The TV Studio card can be found <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A>.
    Check it out, it's a good value/performance option. I paid $69.95 + shipping at
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