Internet goes bad in 2 days. What's wrong?

I'm having a current problem with my wireless internet in my house. My internet used to be perfectly fine (webpages loaded up fine and youtube videos worked perfectly also torrent downloads were fast.) Me and my family went on vacation this past weekend and got back on Sunday. When I got back home everything that was good is now bad and not just on my laptop but on my brothers too. Webpages don't load up all the time, torrents are slow, and it takes forever just for a 240p youtube video to load up. A 240P!!!!!!!!!!. I used to watch 480p videos perfectly fine. I reset my router but nothing. It's nothing to do with my laptop being that it's happening on my brothers too. And I don't know if this matters, but my aunt stayed at my house while we were gone and I know she used our internet with her laptop.
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  1. You might have some infected computers that are taking most of the bandwidth.
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