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I have a 2 mbps leased line with ip range 10.15.0.* which does all our intranet jobs + internet activity. We have installed another 2mbps wimax broadband connection (192.168.1.*) recently. We want that all intranet tasks,10.* be performed through mpls leased line while internet browsing happens through wimax broadband...however of the wimax can be converted to 10.15.0.* series and still access its config page
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  1. Depends on the router you have and its features. The easiest way is to attach the wimax connection to the current router using a 192.168.1.x address. You would change the default route to point to on your main router and point to leased line nexthop. The users would still use the 10.15.0.x address as their default route.

    Now if your router does not have this feature you are going to have to do a similar thing on every PC...not recommended but. You in this case would assign the wimax router a 10.15.0.x address for its lan. Do not use DHCP. The users would then put in a default route to 10.15.0.x for internet and a static route for to your current router.
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