D-LINK DIR-655 Problem

D-Link DIR-655 !!!
H/W: B1 Firmware Ver: 2.05b06
WAN: FibreHome1000 (Max. 1000Mbps)
LAN: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Wired connection !

download upload
329 259 Mbps
260 198
299 241
263 214

No Router !!!
737 680 Mbps
769 703

QoS disabled already, Pls help ?
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    If your router has SPI (stateful packet inspection) then turning it off will improve speed, but decrease security. It's a trade off.
  2. Mine is slow as hell... I am going to set it on fire when I decide on a better option!
  3. SPI off, no throughput gain. Told by a technical support of a distributor, h/w limitation, would never get >50% throughput :-(
    @kogashuko what is your transfer rate with and without router ?
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