Can't download drivers for my video card

Hey guys im using a Geforce GTX 660 on 64 bit windows 8. I used the CD that came with it to download video drivers but it says that only windows xp, vista and 7 are supported
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  1. dont use old drivers that came with your video card and get the newest ones from nvidia's webside
  2. Go here to get the latest drivers:
  3. AS mentioned you could go to Nvidia and find the newest drivers. As it seems you don't know too much about updating your drivers. Geforce experience would in this case help you a lot, because it'll search for new drivers. You can also download this from the page of Nvidia, and it'll help you in the future to update drivers and possibly also other softwares by Nvidia.
  4. Turn off the antivirus and firewall before installing the drivers.
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