Latency Introduction with adding wireles router?

My ISP uses a low quality router/modem hybrid which doesn't allow dynamic DNS, which I want.

I'm considering that the best option may be to buy a 'good' router (hopefully one I can flash with Linux firmware), and run the modem/router combination in DMZ mode as a modem only.

1. I'm wondering though if this will introduce any latency, or if indeed, my 'good' router than I buy... will only be as good (performance-wise) as the 'bad' modem I have to chained to?

2. The alternative then, would be for me to ALSO buy my own router... though I'd prefer not to if possible...

Any advice?
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  1. Running a modem in "bridge" mode should not increase the latency very much. A fraction of a millisecond extra compared to running the modem and router in the same box.
    The modem in the mode you propose is extremely simple and does not tax the processor. It is strictly converting from DSL/cable to ethernet, it does not even look at IP or encryption or anything.
  2. Thanks!
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